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Commonly Asked Questions Answered

What is the best way to reach you?

For new patients, the best way to reach us is by email Sarah's email   or  Teri's email.

We are a small clinic and value direct communication with our patients. Since we are generally busy seeing patients throughout the day, it can be challenging to reach us by phone. E-mail generally yields a faster response.

For existing patients, the safest and best way to communicate is by using the Luminello patient portal.

Do you offer in-person appointments?

Yes. We offer the option of in-person or video visits. We are located at 4506 Regent Street, Suite 10, Madison WI 53705 beneath Anaala Salon in the Hilldale Shopping Center area. Parking is available in the building's surface lot or on the street. We are on the bus line and our building has an outdoor bike rack. We use a secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform called Doxy for video visits.

Where do I go for our telehealth appointments?

All appointments are held over a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform called Doxy. You are able to access our individual Doxy websites  by clicking on the following links: Sarah's Doxy or Teri's Doxy, or by copying and pasting the following into your browser:   or

Can I get an emotional support animal (ESA) letter?

No, we do not write ESA letters. There are online companies that specialize in this. Some of the ones our patients have used are Pettable, Certapet, and Emotional Pet Support.

Do you see patients of all ages?

We only see patients 18 and above.

I have an adult family member who needs mental health care. Can I set that up for them?

While we appreciate you calling or emailing for a family member and believe family support plays an important role in mental health care, we only communicate directly with adult patients and encourage that individual to reach out for help directly. The only exception is if you are the healthcare power of attorney assigned to the adult you're calling about.

Can I pay you out-of-pocket since I am not covered by any of the insurances you're in-network with?

At this time due to our patient caseloads and contractual obligations with the insurance companies we are in-network with, no.

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